Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal?

The goal is simple: to purchase RSL as a community and put ownership in the hands of the people.

We will accomplish this by crowdfunding the assets necessary to purchase RSL via blockchain (Binance Smart Chain) and smart contracts with an RSL-specific cryptocurrency (BEP20 token).

How can I own part of RSL?

When this site goes live, create an account and follow the prompts to select the amount of ownership you want and payment method.  When you complete the process, you will receive an email to confirm the number of tokens you pledge to own in RSL. 

Please retain all emails for your records.

What do I get as an owner?

Aside from owning the best team in MLS, you will enjoy various perks such as discounted tickets, owners-only products, non-fungible tokens, early access to other gear, exclusive access to players, etc…. 

Most importantly, the value of your tokens can increase, so you can watch your investment grow or sell some for a profit.  Plus, we will issue an annual dividend when possible (see below “Will there be a dividend?”).  Finally, if you click on “How will the organization be structured?”, you’ll see that you can run to be elected to the Owner Board and help shape the direction of RSL into the future.

How will we bring world-class talent to RSL?

This is where RSL will shine!  

Upon completion of buying RSL, we will issue B-Class tokens that may be apportioned for management and acquiring new talent. 

Players will be paid in the traditional sense, as well as, offered ownership in the team.  Top-tier players will see their tokens increase in value with the success of the Club.  The better RSL does, the more money our players will make as owners themselves.

What happens if we can’t buy RSL?

We will return all pledges to everyone, just like crowdfunding, less any applicable processing fee.

Can I sell some of my tokens?

Yes, you will retain ownership of your tokens after the acquisition.  At that time, we will allow people to actively buy or sell tokens on the website and app.  As your tokens go up in value, you can keep them or sell some for a profit.

Will the token price stay the same?

No, the price will start at $1.00 USD per token.  We will increase the price by at least 25% at a later stage.  So, if you buy now, your tokens will increase in value 25% initially.  Once we purchase RSL, trading among owners will remain live, so the token price will fluctuate.

Will there be a dividend?

Yes, successful financial operation of Real Salt Lake would result in a dividend to the owners in the form of money or token distribution at the end of a given fiscal year. 

What does the purchase include?

The purchase includes RSL, the Real Monarchs, the Academy, as well as, all subsequent assets and resources. 

See below regarding how we’re going to get Utah Royals FC back at the RioT.

How will the organization be structured?

RSL will be managed in traditional fashion on the day-to-day but an 11-person Owner Board will be added to oversee the direction of RSL.  Ten of those people will be elected by the other owners and will serve two-year terms.  One token equals one vote.  So, you can serve on the Owner Board or elect someone you know. 

The only pre-qualification to be on the Board is to own original tokens.

Can I buy tokens for someone else?

Yes, email us directly at and we will facilitate.  Don’t forget to include your contact info and how many tokens you would like to purchase as a gift.  

How will you stop big wigs from taking control?

Any one person or group will be limited to owning a maximum of 5% of all outstanding voting tokens.  Additionally, we have built protections into the operation of the Owner Board in order to ensure it cannot be hijacked by a group or individual. 

If collusion occurs, those individuals or groups will forfeit all ownership in RSL and their tokens will be re-distributed to existing owners.

What about the Real Monarchs and Utah Royals FC?

The purchase of RSL includes the Real Monarchs, the Academy, and all subsequent assets. 

Regarding Utah Royals FC, the National Women’s Soccer League has ceased Royals’ operations in Utah and moved them to Kansas City.  However, when we purchase RSL, we will have the option to bring the Royals back to Utah in 2023 – which we will do. 

What if I’m not local?

We want you to be apart of owning RSL too!

Fans across the globe will enjoy the same benefits as those living in Utah.  

Will the MLS allow this?

The short answer is “yes”.  There is nothing in the MLS ownership bylaws to preclude us from owning RSL; however, there are some standards to meet, so we will need the full support of every RSL fan to make this a reality.

Who are you?

We are Life Elevated Group and lifelong fans of RSL who want to 1) put the power of managing RSL in the hands of the people, and 2) ensure RSL stays in Utah.  We will take no salary from RSL whatsoever; all profits will be redistributed to you, the owners.

Our principal in this effort is Sean O’Brien who played for the Utah Salt Ratz of the National Premier Soccer League, which was disbanded in 2004 in order to make way for RSL’s inaugural year. He holds both a JD and MBA, owns/operates local companies in the Wasatch, sits on the Board of Directors for a local payment processing company, and has managed all assets of Life Elevated Group since 2015.